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Unlaced,  May 2018 

Unlaced/ Yes Sir Part 2

Jessika is in a deep dreaming bringing her face to face with her past. Unlacing all her friends hard work, making her a hot mess






            New Releases 


Lexi’s Closet Vol 1. Released February 2018

Driving to one of her clients house for a weekend of sex and bondage. Lexi is looking forward to the pleasure of one man while another one is waiting at home for her.






The Novella Formerly Known As Yes Sir. Part 1, December 2017

Jessika, is climbing back into self-control. Finding herself going through drastic changes deep within. The reserved, quiet, and submissive person she once was—fading. She reveals herself stronger, more vocal, and dominant, standing up for herself and others. These changes, creating a roll-a-coaster of conflict with in her.


Retro Limited Edition

Yes Sir First edition Released on May 2016

Yes Sir, Is the Original copy, It is a limited edition. You can only buy here.






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