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About the Writer

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Di Storm 7I was born in a small town in the Pacific Northwest and raised by a single mother. In the aftermath of the Mount St. Helen eruption, we packed up and moved to the mid-west.

After an arranged marriage that eventually failed, I decided to move to the south to find something. Eventually I meet my Jackson. Shortly after losing him, I decided during this time I would explorer BDSM and the lifestyle. When my job ended, I moved back to the mid-west and found the man of my dreams.

This book is mostly fiction…, half fantasy, with a dash of truth sprinkled in. The story revolves about a curious woman’s exploration. One of her failings is trying to please everyone, while her strength is that everyone leaves pleased.

Yes Sir!, has been a journey of discovering about writing, learning that is its own beast. When I am not writing about my fictional fantasy life, I serve, adore, and love my husband. I also love my Golden Retriever – Utah, when she listens, on a little piece of God’s Country.