Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What made you interested in writing BDSM, and have you always want to write a book about BDSM?

A: I did not start off that way. I wanted to write a fiction book but wasn’t sure which direction to take. When I started to write though, the words and themes came out, and my mind drifted to a dark and mysterious place. I think my deeper mind has ideas of her own.

Q: What resources or research, if any, have you done regarding BDSM to make your stories realistic?

A: My resources are my experiences which include playing real scenes in BDSM clubs and watching others play. I have been to many dungeons in Houston, New York City, Los Angles, Illinois, and St. Louis, as well as many lifestyle parties all over the U.S.

Q: What made you want to start now?

A: I am not getting any younger, and writing a book was always on my bucket list. When I was out of town on business on one occasion, I met a writer who looked like one of my kids. She looked just like your typical college kid, which really impressed me. We talked, and the rest is history!

Q: Is Yes Sir your only book?

A: No, I also have a mini short called, Lexi’s Closet. I am currently re-wrote Yes Sir!, and spilt the original book in half, Yes Sir! and Unlaced is being released in late spring.

Q: Do you answer your own e-mails?

A: Yes! .I will reply to every e-mail except for e-mails that contain nudity (i.e. don’t send me naked pics of yourself or anyone else—I have the Internet after all).

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