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Somewhere along the line, Jessika found herself attracted to men who were more dominant, controlling, forceful, and her superior in every way. It was somewhere down that path of exploring her sensual feelings it all fell into place. She needed a master, and she ached to serve that master in every way. The further she delved into the world of domination, the more she realized part of her was still empty. It was this emptiness that she searched to fill in every relationship, in every contact. Then, by chance, she found her missing piece in a man who was anything but dominant—he was a cuckold—a man who found eroticism in watching while knowing that she’s not with him.
Throughout this book, you will find yourself caught up in a world of intrigue and deception—a secretive underworld that is more exclusive than the most powerful of elite organizations. Underworld clubs that don’t exist on the open market, in the biggest of cities—which have the highest profile of clients and members. The powerful circle of friends and strangers, those meeting in select places, where one must know the correct path in. A journey of lost love, lost connections, and the climb back into self-control.
Jessika finds herself going through drastic changes deep within. The reserved, quiet, and submissive person she once was— fading. She reveals herself stronger, more vocal, and dominant, standing up for herself and others. These changes, creating a rolla-coaster of conflict with in her. She had transitioned while still struggling with her need to be controlled and mastered.
Travel with Jessika on this erotic, sensual, and emotional ride. Your adventure into the underworld will bring you to places you did not think truly existed—but they do!

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